Terms & Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. The www.rentwise.ee web environment (hereinafter the ‘web environment’) is owned by Rentwise OÜ, commercial registry code 14415897, postal address Riia mnt 161, Pärnu, e-mail info@rentwise.ee.

1.2. Rentwise OÜ and all its users (hereinafter the ‘users’) undertake to abide by the terms of use of the web environment.

1.3. Rentwise OÜ may impose additional terms of use on specific content or subsections of the web environment. The users shall be notified thereof at the locations of the respective content or subsections.

1.4. Rentwise OÜ may amend or update these terms of use by notifying the users thereof.

1.5. Rentwise OÜ provides its users with a web environment (i.e. a portal) where they can collect and exchange information about accommodation providers, rental vehicles, and other establishments or events related to tourism, make suggestions for improving the web environment, and use other services provided by Rentwise OÜ.

1.6. The users enter into rental and other contracts without interference by Rentwise OÜ, and are responsible for proper execution of any agreements concluded between them. Rentwise OÜ bears no responsibility if the description of the object of a particular transaction performed via the web environment is not in conformity with the respective agreement, nor is Rentwise OÜ responsible for the correctness, accuracy, completeness, or relevance of information distributed via the web environment (incl. by means of links).

1.7. Any exchange of messages and information between the users and Rentwise OÜ shall take place electronically using the contact details fixed in the terms of use or web environment, unless the terms of use stipulate otherwise.

1.8. If one provision of these terms of use turns out to contradict the provisions of legislation, the other provisions of these terms of use shall remain in force. The provisions of the legislation shall be applied instead to any provisions of these terms of use that are invalid due to contradicting legislation.

  1. Content and links

2.1. Rentwise OÜ has the right to use and publish any information and content that is distributed via the Rentwise OÜ web environment.

2.2. Rentwise OÜ may at any time replace, update, delete, or alter in other ways the composition, structure, substance, etc. of any content and information that is distributed via the Rentwise OÜ web environment.

2.3. The users may not enter anything other than information which describes the respective object in the description of that object. Among other things, commercial content, logos as images, contacts, etc. are forbidden in the description of an object. It is forbidden to include special-rate numbers (e.g. phone numbers that begin with “900”, and short numbers) in advertisements. In the event that this commitment is not met, Rentwise OÜ shall be entitled to charge an additional fee for such information if Rentwise OÜ so decides, as it is considered commercial content.

2.4. Links to content and services provided by third parties are available via the web environment. The manager of the respective web environment is responsible for such content and services. By clicking on linked content, the users exit Rentwise OÜ web environment, and other terms and conditions, which do not extend to Rentwise OÜ or its users, may apply to the use of the linked web page.

  1. Copyrights

3.1. All copyrights in the content distributed via the web environment are owned by Rentwise OÜ or have been transferred to it to the extent necessary to exercise these rights in the web environment.

3.2. By uploading works that are protected by copyright to the web environment, the users grant Rentwise OÜ permission to use these works and exercise the economic rights of the author to these works during the whole period of validity of the respective copyright. Rentwise OÜ reserves the right to use any works uploaded by the users in whichever manner, allow and prohibit the use thereof, incl. reproduce, distribute, translate, edit, adapt, correct, and modify such works, add such works to other works, collections, or databases, and communicate such works to the public.

  1. Payment

4.1. The users shall pay for the use of all paid services provided by Rentwise OÜ in accordance with the price list available via the web environment, and Rentwise OÜ shall invoice the users respectively by electronic means. The users shall settle their invoices within the time limit indicated thereon.

4.2. Rentwise OÜ shall be entitled to demand a late payment interest of 0.1% of the amount not paid within the prescribed period per day on any unpaid invoices. RW may forward any unpaid invoices to parties that engage in the collection of debts (debt collectors), and the users undertake to cover any expenses related to the collection of any payments that were not completed within the prescribed period.

  1. Final provisions

5.1. These terms of use shall enter into force upon acceptance by the user and remain in force for the duration of the legal relationship between the user and Rentwise OÜ, as stipulated in these terms of use. The users have the right to withdraw from these terms of use within 14 days from their acceptance. Similarly, the users have the right to rescind any legal relations as stipulated in the terms of use, provided that they meet their legal obligations to Rentwise OÜ and the other users beforehand.

5.2. Rentwise OÜ may, at its own discretion, limit or revoke a user’s right to use the web environment and, among other things, alter information published by that user, or close that user’s user account and render it impossible for that user to re-register as a user if the user is in violation of these terms of use or obligations resulting therefrom, if the user has submitted false or misleading information or otherwise acts in bad faith. Rentwise OÜ has the right to charge a fee, the amount of which is established in the effective price list, and receive that fee from the users for reopening user accounts that have been closed due to breaches of these terms of use.

5.3. The legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall be applied to any legal relations between the users and Rentwise OÜ resulting from the use of the web environment.

5.4. Attempts shall be made to resolve any disputes between the users and Rentwise OÜ arising from the use of the web environment by way of negotiations. In the event that an agreement is not reached, the respective dispute shall be settled in Harju County Court.